i3 Interactive inks an exclusive deal with LivePools

i3 Interactive inks an agreement with Livepools, under which the minority interest (or the rest of the 49% shareholders) of Livepools is also available for acquisition by i3 Interactive. i3 Interactive can close the rest of the acquisition deal at 7.5 million USD before 1st February 2022.

i3 Interactive

It is a globally famous firm, and the Company is currently working on its business of providing an online mobile gaming platform for its customers. This platform will ensure that the global sports fan gets a unique and engaging gaming product, casino products, and other sports betting products. The Company is also breaking through the emerging markets globally and has secured key partnerships with highly popular industry contacts, including Dan Bilzerian.

Livepools Pvt. Ltd.

On the other hand, Livepools Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian registered firm in the rummy, fantasy sports, and real money gaming sector. In 2018, Gaurav and Vickram Assomull launched Livepools Pvt. Ltd., and the Company has presently grown to around 1.5 million users. The Company also aims at reaching 10million users by the end of 2022.

i3 Interactive is also the parent firm behind BlitzPoker. After the launch of BlitzPoker, this agreement between Livepools and i3 shows the commitment of i3 in the fastest growing mobile gaming sector of India. This is also there to ensure a faster growing and more engaging, World-class gaming environment. Recently, with the relaunch of BlitzPoker, i3 Interactive also acquired 65% of stakes of FTR Poker.

What’s More?

The recent deal between i3 and Livepools will also bring in some better fantasy sports, rummy, and other exciting quiz games to i3 Interactive’s portfolio of offerings. A report from Street Insider also unveiled that i3 might soon offer the users some more skill-based games.

Moreover, i3 Interactive focuses on transforming online mobile gaming with more entertaining products for the global players of casino games, poker, and other betting sports. The Company also aims to acquire more customers at a lower price than its other competitors. i3 Interactive is also leveraging partnerships with a globally popular business person, social media celebrity, and a higher-staked poker player, Dan Bilzerian.

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