Oneiric Gaming raised investment from Trishneet Arora of TAC Security

Oneiric Gaming, a Chandigarh-based gaming startup, raises investment from the Founder of TAC Security, Trishneet Arora.

TAC Security, a Mumbai-based firm, is a global leader in vulnerability and risk management. On the other hand, Oneiric Gaming is a thriving firm in the online gaming sector. The Company recently launched Bluff, a new flagship game. Bluff is a globally popular card game, playable by two to four players.

In a press release, Trishneet Arora stated,

We strongly believe that e-gaming will dominate the future and the industry will generate more revenue than traditional games. And its growth seems to be no end in the future. However, nothing can replace the traditional “real” Gaming, which still has a bigger following than the budding e-gaming community. With the growing e-gaming industry and the way ‘Make in India’ campaign gaining momentum, there is a lot of greater opportunities for the domestic firms and homegrown developers in the country.

Trishneet Arora

Mr. Arora also commented on the investment he is making in such a young startup, stating,

I like the vision that Oneiric Gaming has for the e-gaming community in India. There was a time when no one pays heed to online Gaming in India but now how our country is getting pace. With the growing e-gaming community, India is now considered to be a top destination for e-gaming tournaments across the globe. I am fully committed to promote Indian developers and contribute to the growth of e-gaming in the country.

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Furthermore, Oneiric Gaming’s founder, Avneet Singh, further added,

Gaming is an emerging field of entertainment that has continued to grow exponentially even during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a huge gap in the Indian gaming industry. It continues to be dominated by foreign players. But, Oneiric Gaming hopes to fill in some of that gap with its innovative gaming products. Leveraging the country’s growing online gaming space, Oneiric has already launched its first online card game called Bluff on both iOS and Android play store. Bluff was well received by the gaming community and has launched 2 games within 6 months. Cricket-Death Overs and planning to launch 5 more games by March 2021. Bluff Game would have over a million users by June 2021.

Avneet Singh

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