Quadnet Poker network introduces a brand new online poker room

Quadnet Poker network is a newer launch from Spartan Group, aiming at empowering the newer and other existing entities in finding some way to enter the rapidly growing gaming ecosystem. The entire gaming sector is thriving at triple-digit figures and pegs at upwards of 2 billion USD.

Along with the launch of Quadnet, the poker network also added a newer dimension to the online poker vertical with the introduction of PokerHigh. PokerHigh is a widely popular online poker room that recently joined the Quadnet network, and with this, it began the third bigger poker room to join Blitz Poker and Spartan Poker.

In a press release, the CEO of Spartan Group, Amin Rozani said,

Quadnet poker network analyzed the barriers in terms of the growth of new entities wanting to start a poker business. It provides a solution to the hurdles a company faces in setting up a successful poker business. Currently, we are the only poker network platform that provides free access to poker tournaments worth over Rs. 200 Cr per year and avail support to the players with a white label solution alongside liquidity of more than 10 lakh players. 

Amin Rozani

By introducing Quadnet Poker Network, the Indian online poker ecosystem is thriving and has reached another milestone with efficient systems and best technology providing a world-class gaming environment to a newer player base. Furthermore, as for the gameplay, it offers a white-label solution for the online poker rooms, ensuring a smoother and better gaming experience. The network’s poker operators can also share a huge player base of 10 lakh players. The network also assures an award-winning and globally best poker platform for web and mobile applications.

The director of PokerHigh, Gaurav Gaggar further concluded,

We are excited for this new partnership with Quadnet Poker Network as it gives our players a superior gaming experience. With multiple options to choose from, players will get access to games of their choice which will, in turn, help us grow the poker community. This is a key milestone for us, and we have a whole bunch of differentiated IP-led strategies planned for the coming months and years. We also want to build awareness around the idea of safe and reliable gaming to help our players be more equipped with the know-how to play the game at a competitive level.

Gaurav Gagga

PokerHigh stands at the front row in terms of the newer initiatives, including being the first one in the nation hosting a licensed and legal offline poker event in Delhi. Recently, it also drove some poker initiatives towards charity, thus raised 13 lakh INR in just a few months. Now, it plans on expanding its player base by involving more people in Poker while maintaining the responsible gaming side.

Quadnet Poker Network’s Nasir Patel stated: “We are delighted to welcome PokerHigh to the network. We are sure that this will be a profitable move for both entities”.

Mr. Gaggar also added: “Skill-based gaming in India is undergoing an exciting transition. PokerHigh’s new product will aim to build a community of poker players, both new and old, who are keen on taking their game to the next level through skill and strategy.”

With the newest edition of PokerHigh, the players will also get a chance to lock horns with the competitive global players and enhance their gaming skills. It mainly focuses on providing the best experience and then catering to the ecosystem.

PokerHigh also announced a reality-based poker show, The Player Hunt. It also has many welcome promotions for the players, including:

  • 100% instant cashback during money deposits.
  • Access to the newer loyalty program of PokerHigh with up to 60% cashback and other benefits.
  • Around 12 crore GTD in prizes per month, thus offering the top poker room of the nation.

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