FTS 3.0 Day 3: Chadha and Desai Grab Top Titles after Trailing Tough

The Final Table Series (FTS) 3.0 came to a close on Day 3 with a bang. Sunday is a special day for poker enthusiasts.

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The Final Table Series (FTS) 3.0 came to a close on Day 3 with a bang. Sunday is a special day for poker enthusiasts, and with FTS 3.0, the grind on the virtual felts of Spartan Poker, BLITZPOKER, and PokerHigh just got a little bit tougher. Sunday competitions saw some heated action and adrenaline-packed games as participants competed for top crowns. Let’s go through what happened yesterday.


The field for FTS #7 was massive, with 1,094 entries. These players competed for the top places. The event outperformed its initial guarantee by a little margin, resulting in a total prize pool of INR 10,94,000. The top 103 submissions were paid out, with the minimum amount being INR 2,953.

Shashank Desai, aka ‘reconnecting,’ won the tournament for INR 1,69,774. Himanshu Arora, nicknamed ‘shambolic794,’ finished second and received INR 1,64,223 in prize money.

Amit Gehani, the champion of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) July 2021 Legends, finished 13th in this tournament for INR 11,487. Anirban Das came in 22nd place for INR 7,111; online registration Ashish Ahuja finished 33rd for INR 4,594; Gaurav Sood, the cover hero of Gutshot’s January 2021 e-magazine, finished 37th for INR 4,594; and Abhimanyu Mittal finished 38th for INR 4,594. Siddhanth Kapoor, the June 2021 e-magazine cover star of Gutshot, finished 44th for INR 4,047 in this tournament.

Siddharth Karia, the FTS 2.0 Main Event champion, busted at the 64th position for INR 3,500. FTS 3.0 Friday Special winner Haider Madraswala busted in 79th place for INR 3,172; FTS 3.0 #4 winner Vinay Rajpal busted in 63rd place for INR 3,172; and poker coach Abhishek Goindi busted in 87th place for INR 3,127. Surbhit Grover was the tournament’s bubble boy (104th place).

  • Total Entries: 1,094
  • Prize Pool: INR 10,94,000
  • Buy-In: INR 1,100
  • Places Paid: 103
  • Min-Cash: INR 2,953


FTS #9 saw a tense struggle amongst the top pros. This tournament had 825 entries. The promised guarantee was just reached, with the total prize pool standing at INR 12,37,500. The minimum monetary prize was INR 4,207, and the top 79 positions were compensated.

Arjanveer Singh Chadha, alias ‘bazzingaa,’ won the tournament for an astounding INR 2,37,476. ‘Panda702′, a mystery player, finished second for INR 1,48,995.

Vivek Singh finished in 13th place for INR 14,602, while Siddhanth Gangwar ended in 15th place for INR 12,746. Avadh Shah, the runner-up in the IOPC July 2021 Mastermind, finished 19th for INR 10,023, Siddhanth Kapoor finished 44th for INR 5,073, Abhishek Goindi ended 50th for INR 5,073, and Bhanu Prakash, the two-time IOPC leaderboard topper, finished 79th for INR 4,207.

  • Total Entries: 825
  • Prize Pool: INR 12,37,500
  • Buy-In: INR 1,650
  • Places Paid: 79
  • Min-Cash: INR 4,207

The Sunday Special in FTS 3.0 will resume today, with Piyush Jain holding the chip lead. The heavyweight lineup guarantees heated combat and pyrotechnics at the final table. Keep an eye out for all of the excitement and drama that is coming up on FTS 3.0.

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