Protecting Children from the Online Gaming Addiction

To avoid gaming disorder, parents and teachers in Chhattisgarh have been urged not to allow their children to get hooked to internet games.

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In order to avoid “gaming disorder,” parents and teachers in Chhattisgarh have been urged not to allow their children to become hooked to internet games.

According to a School Education Department recommendation; instructions along similar lines have been issued by the Ministry of Education at the Centre.

According to an official letter sent on Sunday, the advice cautions that playing online games may lead to significant gaming addiction, which is classified as a gaming disease.

As per the advice, purchasing online games without parental authorization is not authorized. According to Reserve Bank of India rules, the purchase should be based on a one-time password (OTP).

It goes on to say that no links, pictures, or pop-ups on websites should be clicked since they may contain a virus or age-inappropriate information that might destroy the computer.

Children should be taught not to play video games for extended periods of time without taking a break in order to preserve good health and avoid addiction.

Parents must keep an eye out for any odd hidden behavior, particularly when it comes to their children’s online activities; such as an abrupt rise in time and usage of social media, changing screens on gadgets when approached; and getting angry or withdrawn after using the Internet.

Teachers must keep a watch on pupils’ declining grades and changes in social behavior. They must regularly educate youngsters on the benefits and drawbacks of Internet use.

Issue for parents

The issue for parents is that this might lead to the confusion of healthy excitement and delight with a psychiatric illness. We must also use these terms with caution so that we do not trivialize other mental health concerns.

However, it does provide useful terminology for identifying when youngsters wander from delight and enthusiastic gaming into less healthy behaviors. While children who refuse to stop playing when it is time for supper are unlikely to have a problem; parents should keep a watch on any kid who neglects relationships, exercise, schoolwork; or personal cleanliness in favor of playing games.

Playing together and staying engaged

It is critical that parents do not focus solely on the child who is demonstrating this behavior. In my perspective, it is as much a parental problem as it is a developmental condition. In most situations, encouraging parents to be present in their children’s gaming environment is the best approach to handle issue.

Play together, help set appropriate limits, and actively seek out a range of online activities for youngsters. This strategy, especially if used at a young age, will maintain gaming safe and appropriate for the majority of children.

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